On the Christianity Today Poll

Posted: October 31, 2014 in General Presup Issues
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For all you anti-intellectual “pastors” who brag about having no formal education, who spit the word “seminary” out of your mouths, and who claim you “don’ need no book but that thar Bible”…and for all you “pastors” who focus on trendy church growth ploys and senseless worship songs…

…this is your fault. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

This poll finds that a sizable number of Christians have accepted heretical views – not out of conviction, I suspect, (as if they’re brave Arians making ideological stands), but rather, out of ignorance and apathy.

On a side note – I don’t mind if Christians wish to have a simple faith, unburdened by all the learning and sophistication required for a fully-fleshed out Christianity, but what I do mind is when people presume to be teachers and leaders, then display the worst sorts of scholarship. These intellectually dishonest zealots will commit every scholarly misdeed in their attempt to mesmerize their flock with shiny words.

For God’s sake, remember James 3…those who presume to teach will be held to a higher standard. And not just by God, but by the world as well. At a time when Christians are the butt of jokes in academia, the last thing we need is anti-intellectualism and shoddy scholarship. Now’s the time we ought to have more rigorous and better scholarship. Our footnotes need to be triple-checked, our sources, beyond reproach.


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