“Van Tillian Fire” is dedicated to covering all aspects of Presuppositional apologetic methodology and the Van Tillian tradition.  For those not in the know, this simply means the blog is dedicated to defending the Christian Faith from intellectual objections using a theological methodology developed by Cornelius Van Til.

I am a Presbyterian who considers the “Westminster Confession of Faith” to be his primary confessional document. I’ve been practicing the presuppositional method and participating in the community for about ten years (before that, I was an avid “evidentialist”).

While I’m not an expert, and I have much to learn, I hope to foster a higher standard of intellectual rigor here than is present in many lay-apologist websites.

Therefore, intellectual honesty will be our cardinal virtue, with the author/s trying, if at all possible, to minimize emotional effrontery, arrogance, and the unfortunate displays of machismo so common in online apologetic discussions.

~ Enjoy ~

  1. Tom Delc says:

    I find your website excellent.
    Could you please provide a recommended/essential reading list so I can continue to learn?
    I ask because I see a lot of books that claim to follow Van Til but, to my understanding, are critical or misunderstanding him.
    Thank you, Tom


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